OFA Minneapolis Chapter

OFA Minneapolis chapter, aka Team of the Lakes, has been together since the 2012 Obama
re-election campaign. When Team of the Lakes became OFA Minnesota in 2013, it was a new experience for us. We harnessed the power and energy of the grassroots movement that had helped elect President Barack Obama to two terms, and converted it into the Minnesota Chapter of OFA .
OFA MN is an organizing , training, and issue advocacy group that continues to fight for the core values that brought us together in the first place. We wear two hats:
  • We are the core team of OFA MN during non-election cycles
  • During elections we become Team of the Lakes, get behind candidates that share our values and support their campaigns with phone-banking, door-knocking etc. Our most recent accomplishment was the election of Governor Walz. 
As OFA Minneapolis we choose issues that we believe in, find coalition partners, and then use our team to rally around the issue and support it by providing volunteer power. 
Our current issues are Redistricting and the 2020 Census, in addition to promoting voter registration. Our partners at the the local level are Common Cause MN and the Democracy Convening Coalition made up of different grass roots organizations across the state of Minnesota.
At the national level we are the state chapter of All On The Line (AOTL), the 501c4 issue campaign of the NDRC chaired by Eric Holder the 82nd Attorney General of the United States
The OFA Minneapolis Chapter supports Common Cause Minnesota in creating a fair redistricting process. Click here for more information.
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