Learn more about redistricting efforts in Minnesota with these resources:

Fair Maps Minnesota

Visit the  Minnesota Coalition website for more information about the MN Redistricting campaign.

Tell MN Legislators: Voters want fair district maps! Common Cause MN Kicks Off it's Grassroots Campaign! 

Fair voting maps protect your right to choose who represents you. After each ten-year U.S. Census, the Minnesota legislature draws new voting districts for state and national elections. For decades, the legislature has failed to agree on fair maps, and the job has gone to the courts.

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All On The Line (AOTL) officially kicked off on 3.23.19 with a national day of action. Eric Holder hosted his own house-party which you can replay here: All On The Line. It was an amazing event, with hundreds of people across the country tuning in, ready to take action.


Be sure to sign up at allontheline.org to be included in  updates, calls to action, and trainings.

Help us pass legislation to put redistricting in the hands of citizens—not incumbents. Common Cause MN and its multi-partisan, statewide coalition have drafted a model bill that’s a better approach for Minnesota. It calls for an independent citizens’ commission with nine public members selected in an open process, and guided by rules to ensure fairness, and transparency. 


Signing onto the petition tells your legislators you want districts drawn impartially—and not influenced by the majority party, major donors, or incumbents who want to gerrymander districts and pick their voters.  


Read the bill. Our bill introduced in the 2019 legislative session, HF 1605, got through the Minnesota House, but not the Senate. An updated bill is being drafted to reflect legislator concerns. We must bring legislators together to pass our bill during the next session so Minnesota can be ready for the census results in 2021. 


It is time to act! Sign the petition now and share with others.  

We have complied a list of Relevant Committees in the MN House & Senate that we can use to reach out to specific committees that are addressing these issues. 

Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that partisan gerrymandering presents “political questions beyond the reach of the federal courts.” So it’s up to the states to protect their elections from partisan interference. 


In the 2018 election, voters in five states approved ballot measures to limit partisan gerrymandering. The vote in each state demonstrated strong bipartisan support for redistricting reform. And polling consistently shows Americans are united against partisan gerrymandering.   


In Minnesota, divided government has prevented the extreme gerrymandering that has occurred elsewhere. But we need better protection. Gerrymandering may get worse with deepening partisan divides coupled with the use of sophisticated mapping and analysis tools to draw voting maps.   


We can do something about it in Minnesota. Common Cause MN and its statewide coalition are building support for a nonpartisan citizens’ commission to draw our next voting maps in 2021. The commission will use best-practice redistricting principles and advanced mapping tools to ensure that districts are drawn fairly. 


Independent redistricting works to neutralize partisan gerrymandering. That’s why we’re collaborating across the political spectrum to bring this important protection to Minnesota elections. 

What more can we do? 

Common Cause Minnesota and its grassroots partners are working around the state this summer and fall to educate voters and add names to our petition for a citizens’ redistricting commission. All the names we collect will show elected officials that their constituents are against partisan gerrymandering and in favor of reform. 


Here’s what you can do right now. 


Learn more about redistricting in Minnesota:  


Share the petition and web pages with your social media contacts. Let them know why you personally care about gerrymandering and how a citizens’ commission can reduce partisan influence over our district maps. 


Volunteer for the petition campaign through October 2019 by contacting our Action Team page

We can connect you with one of our grassroots partners or provide you with training and materials to petition with your own group. 


Join the Common Cause Mobile program to receive periodic updates, action alerts and events where you can join us. Just text “cause” to 97779. 


Discuss redistricting reform with your state representative and senator. You can contact them through the Minnesota legislature website to call or write, but it’s even more effective to speak with your legislators in person. Many legislators are hosting town halls, door knocking in their districts, and attending town festivals and county fairs. They want hear from their constituents. 


Talk with neighbors, co-workers, friends and family. This is a chance to reach across partisan divides. Gerrymandering affects all of us, whether we are on the right, the left or somewhere in the middle. Working for fair district maps can bring people of differing political views together. Most of us can agree that fair elections are good for our communities.