All on the Line can use your support for fair redistricting

Please share a short video of yourself or others explaining why fair redistricting is important to you. Consider some of the following questions and thoughts as you scope out your 30-second video:

1--Tell us your story -- why are you passionate about combating gerrymandering? How did you get involved with All On The Line?

2--What issue or issues do you care most about -- issues that make you feel passionate, furious, inspired, or scared -- that you’ve seen gerrymandering hamper progress on?

3--There’s a special feeling of fulfillment people gain from volunteering -- why did you choose to volunteer your most precious resource -- your time -- on this campaign? Describe the feeling of joy or fulfillment you get when you volunteer your time.

4--What do you think of when you think about a fair electoral process? Fair elections? Fair maps?


5--What values resonate most with you when you think about fairness in our democracy?


6--If you had to sum up your personal goal of this campaign in just a few words, what would you say?    ACTION: Click here to record your video